EMF Balancing Technique ®


EMF Balancing Technique ®

Origin of the EMF Balancing Technique®

The EMF Balancing Technique® is the energy system designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice®, a system in the human energy anatomy. The technique is a simple and elegant systematic procedure anyone can learn, utilizing the human to human effect upon the electromagnetic field. There are 13 phases of the technique, each designed to work with and strengthen the Universal Calibration Lattice.

From her earliest years, Peggy Phoenix Dubro had a deep desire to “remember God”. As a young woman she had a profound series of experiences resulting in the spontaneous opening of all her chakras. This opening produced an awareness of unconditional love, and the realization of the connectedness of all things in the universe. Her desire to know even more, and to live daily life in the consciousness of this state, led to a fifteen-year journey that resulted in another profound opening, this time an inimitable experience giving rise to the discovery of the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL). At first, Peggy’s focus was on her own personal spiritual evolution. In working directly with the electromagnetic nature of the UCL, she realized the possibility existed to develop a way of assisting others in their evolutionary process. In her home town, word soon spread about the results of Peggy´s sessions. After working regularly with clients for several years, and stimulated by their requests to know more about what she was doing, Peggy developed a training program to teach others the theory and method and how to do the sessions, and thus the EMF Balancing Technique was born. When these newly trained practitioners began to perform the sessions, their results were remarkable. Several years later, based on the continuing positive nature of the results, Peggy developed another program, this time a teachers program. Peggy was now passion on the ability to others to teach the work!

These training programs have led to the current status of the work – Peggy Phoenix Dubro is now known worldwide as the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique, and the foremost authority of the Universal Calibration Lattice. The technique is now practiced and taught in more than 70 countries around the world, where people in diverse cultures and religions resonate with the original intent of the EMF work – to know and live ones life as fully as possible in awareness of the energy of love, the connectedness of all things, and the unique and sacred nature of each human.



The primary benefit of an EMF Balancing Technique session is the strengthening of the Universal Calibration Lattice – a complex system in the human energy anatomy with a simple purpose – to carry the greater electrical charge that is now available to all human beings. The UCL is the circuitry for the electrical charge that serves as the foundation for the next level of our personal evolution. This system in our energy anatomy is an extension of our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, which assist us in the development of our abilities to fully express ourselves. Anyone on the path of conscious personal growth will benefit from having greater knowledge of his or her Universal Calibration Lattice, as it affects everything we do. Documented benefits of the EMF sessions include profound peace, greater mastery in one’s life, improved wellbeing, and sometimes even remarkable physical healings – the benefits are unlimited as we learn to hold and express our greater charge. We are learning how to explore, translate, and shape our world as multi-dimensional beings. The work strengthens anyone who wants to continue to grow, from the novice on the path to the seasoned sage who knows the journey is eternal and growth is unlimited.



Your Universal Calibration Lattice is a part of your Energy Anatomy. It is an energy system with the capacity to organise and transform your personal energy. 

The UCL is your personal connection with the Universe and with your multi dimensional Self.

Long information Fibers


In the three back fibers it contains the information of your history (present and past lifes, of your ancestors till 7 generations back…). The side fibers are holding the charges of how you invest and receive your energy in daily life and in the front fibers you will find the energy charges of you hopes, dreams intents worries and fears.


Centre Below

Located two feet / 24 inches / 60 centimetres beneath your feet, your Centre Below connects your energy field with your higher wisdom and the higher energies of the Universe. 

Centre Above

Located two feet / 24 inches / 60 centimetres above your head, your Centre Above connects your energy to the energy of the Earth. 

Core Energy

Your core energy runs from your Centre Above, through your entire body to your Centre Below, and back. This is a golden column of pure light and energy, your Infinite Self, the essence of who you are.

Long Informational Fibres

The Long Informational Fibres run from the Centre Above to the Centre Below, and surround you in the front, back, sides, top and bottom of your being.

These Long Informational Fibers contain the energy of your history, your future potentials, and the balance of giving and receiving your daily life.

Horizontal Infinity Loops

The Infinity Loops pass through the chakras and connect the body to the Long Informational Fibres. There are also infinity loops that connect the body to the Centre Above and Centre Below.

These Infinity Loops carry energy charges between the Long Informational Fibers and the Chakra centers, contributing to the self-balancing and self-regulating nature of the Universal Calibration Lattice.




Learning to amplify and direct your energy through these energy centres can bring more clarity, focus, abundance, peace, and empowerment into your daily life.

Working with this energy allows you to determine where to spend your energy for your greatest benefit. You can choose what to release, and what to amplify, in order to create your most enlightened life. 

The EMF Balancing Technique®, created by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, is an empowering energy healing modality designed to enhance and accelerate awareness of the Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL).

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